Nanatsu no Taizai Review

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Nanatsu no Taizai, seriously I believe this is among the unusual activity shows of the past couple of seasons. This is a manga version that had a target in your mind regarding where it wanted to end in the source material, and it did everything it had to be able to get there. Usually, this may lead to some questionable adaptations (like say Deadman Wonderland), but in this particular case it worked out fine. Concerning variations I’d consider this a fairly robust one.

At its core Nanatsu, no Taizai is an activity show. They actually don’t and it is more dealing with the positions they are presented with, although certain ways they gain strength. With this particular show, it is never as easy as saying one side is stronger Nanatsu no Taizai┬ábecause they will have something or more energy. The very first episodes start off giving some context for when the most strong characters for their opposition begin to crop up and showing how damn powerful the primary cast are. I merely discovered it rather refreshing that we didn’t have to wait for 20 episodes to begin seeing characters do something remarkable.

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Action wise I’d say Nanatsu was not entirely wrong. It manages to get a little bloody which sometimes might be rare in actions shows these days. Shows are only having minor scrapes if anything on characters and being a bit hesitant.

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That comes as a result of the exclusive property of among the principal cast by which they may show a lot of extreme damage without it actually killing the individual. The fights can feel pretty impactful with some weight behind the strikes. A good quantity of dodging and movement. You could feel that these characters are able to do serious harm and are actually quite convincing.

The show has lots of interesting visual skills. Since the cast members are all relatively high, they can do some things that are remarkable and make manga the action pictures rather extreme. All of the key characters some relatively creative and have different types of abilities. Seeing how those abilities clash with their foes’ unique properties makes for some exciting encounters and even at times when the main cast has their own inner struggles. As the show went on the battles got more hectic, and some relatively simple scenarios started to come up. The last few episodes started creating hazards that even a cast as rough ran into trouble against.